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Alejandro Fasanini
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 10 reviews
 by Zeca Baleiro

“Essa Vida, Esse Amor” evoca um Brasil bonito, amoroso e musical. Disco feito com muito capricho, delicioso de ouvir” Zeca Baleiro

 by Guinga

“O disco de Daniella e Alejandro é uma lindíssima homenagem ao Brasil! Beberam dessa fonte e devolvem com excelência em forma de música! Um trabalho lindo e de pessoas cuidadosas e emocionadas!” Guinga

 by Luca Tessadrelli

"Maestro Alejandro Fasanini has a great performance experience, unlike some abstract composers, who sometimes lose sight of the need to mediate between metaphysical ideals and executive pragmatism. (and therefore they propose inexecutable and unmanageable scores), Fasanini manages the complex formal architectures he creates with a sure technical and artisanal attitude (in the most laudatory sense possible)." Luca Tessadrelli,

 by Pablo Aslan

"Alejandro Fasanini is a terrific composer and leader of his own ensembles. His musicianship, technique, creativity and professionalism is impressive. He has been creating music that at once represents the tradition of Argentine tango and folklore while striking a modernist and progressive tone. I was very impressed by his work with "Hijos Ilegitimos de Astor", his tribute 3-CD album in homage to Astor Piazzolla. I was not at all surprised when it was nominated for Best Tango Album b y the Latin Academy!.
This man is the real thing, not only artistically, but also for the tenacity in managing his career, and the professionalism with which he approaches composing, performing, and recording." Pablo Aslan

 by Cristina Flenghi

"Why would you want to listen to "Let it appear" or any other record by Fasanini? Because it's not just about Music, it's about the synergy between sounds and spirituality, a journey through the dreamlike dimension of his contemporary compositions that reveal new memory recesses. An ode to life to find one's true self. Fasanini, the composer with a big heart." Cristina Flenghi

 by Ivan Gambini

"In the four orchestral concertos of "Let it Appear," Fasanini pursues his own quest for musical color not only with the timbral choice of the various instruments but through careful work on harmonic texture. The technical legacy of his Maestro, Luis de Pablo, is enriched in Fasanini with poetic needs and social commitment. Stubbornly far from minimalist clichés, he innervates himself in musical choices that are absolute and free from compromise." Ivan Gambini

 by Andrea Agostinelli

"In "Let It Appear," composer Alejandro Fasanini is at the peak of his mastery. The four concertos, inspired by as many illustrious figures, highlight his full capacity of treating the sound of the orchestra as a painter would treat colors. Fasanini paints, sometimes with firm strokes, sometimes with soft brushstrokes. The themes, never trivial, emerge from an imposing harmonic structure that he masters completely. The result is a fantastic fresco and its contemplation makes you awake drunk with life." Andrea Agostinelli

 by Gabriele Bertozzi

"Maestro Fasanini has succeeded in an enormous achievement.... bringing life and the whole palette of human emotional experience back into contemporary music. Everything is back where it belongs. The sound, the emotion, then also the concept. Ubi major, minor cessat." Gabriele Bertozzi

 by Luis de Pablo

“Alejandro, my dear brother, in this music you opened your heart and I have recognized you.”Luis de Pablo

 by Lalo Schifrin

“Dear Maestro Fasanini, I am very impressed with your compositions. Your mastery of counterpoint language is admirable, with a Tango flavour. My warmest congratulations.” Lalo Schifin