Alejandro Fasanini “The composer with a big heart”
Born 1966 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Is a prominent Argentine composer renowned for his contributions to contemporary tango, following in the footsteps of Astor Piazzolla.
He is also recognized as a disciple of the Spanish composer Luis de Pablo. Founder and artistic director of the “Artphonus Symphony Orchestra” and “Hijos ilegítimos de Astor Orchestra”.

He has a discography of 13 albums, spanning from popular to contemporary.

Fasanini’s score, disciple of the Spanish composer Luis de Pablo, is written with great wisdom and is certainly among the vertices of the symphonism of the cultured world tradition.
In it, the language adopted, has assimilated with rare skill the compositive research of the ‘900, and shows, in each sentence, a personal style, linked to the geographical and cultural origin of the composer, in particular the pulsating rhythm and solar cantabile that can turn into a melancholic or passionate one. Furthermore, it is clear that Maestro Fasanini has a great executive experience.
Unlike some abstract composers, who sometimes forget to mediate between metaphysical ideals and executive pragmatism (and therefore propose inexecutable and unmanageable scores), Fasanini manages with a solid technique and craftsmanship (in the most eloquent sense possible) the complex formal architectures that he creates.
The garish timbral vivacity, guaranteed by a varied instrumental score, creates in my opinion a continuous and always new interest in the listener, moved by the sound narration.


-Nomine 21st Award Latin GRAMMY 2020 Best Tango Album
-Semifinalist Composer Competition Ravel Contest – 2017
-Winner Festival delle orchestre di Roma 2011

-Winner Festival della canzone Italiana di Pesaro 2007
-Mention of honour “Certamen Hugo del Carril” of  Buenos Aires 1999



Around Ballet
Tribute to Pina Bausch
Art of label: Sara Quida
Pina Bausch said that she wasn’t interested so much in how the dancers moved but in what moved them.
Likewise, I’m not interested in the feelings while listening to music but what you feel afterwards, in the new silence that appears once it’s over.

Suite for Art
Immerse yourself in a journey that combines Music and Art like never before. A one of a kind album. Twelve famous works of art by iconic painters become music. Compositions for solo instrument, of the classical orchestra, find a new language in the hand of the composer Alejandro Fasanini.
The series of nudes by Modigliani, The Great Wave by Hokusai, The Kiss by Klimt, the self-portraits of Vincent van Gogh, The Theory of Goethe by Turner, Composition VIII by Kandinsky, The Two Fridas by Frida Kalo, The Tiger by Ligabue, The Chagall’s Walk, Hopper’s Nighthawks, Pollock’s Convergence and Picasso’s Guernica.

String Quartet
Writing of a dense contrapuntal polyphony. In the foreground are an interlayer of voices that together build a clear line rich in colors and textures, and at the same time a solid body of sound that manages to sustain sometimes an unexpected harmony.

Sympathetic Resonance Suite
Musicians like Luigi Nono, Bruno Maderna, and Karlheinz Stockhausen explored new timbral possibilities. In America, John Cage incorporated chance into his compositions, while in France “Musique Concrète” was born. Pierre Henry and Pierre Schaeffer used all kinds of sounds in their works. Fasanini, curious to experience this, exploring the esoteric aspects of sound, composed this suite.

Essa vida esse amor
This is album that travels through the stories of memorable people, a musical tribute to those who, through courage and profound communion with life, have changed the world. These compositions reminds us that life is now and therefore we live every gesture like a blue breeze in celebration, like a flower that dreams.

Let it appear
Classical music concerts from the beginning of the century by the Argentine composer Alejandro Fasanini, disciple of Maestro Luis de Pablo. An original repertoire entrusted to the ArtPhonus orchestra. Four concerts for chamber orchestra dedicated to Federico Fellini’s shamanic hat, the day of Walt Whitman’s funeral, the double birth of Vincent van Gogh and my relationship with the Spanish composer Luis de Pablo.

Sonatas para vivir
A complex and non banal writing, often with an improvisational flavor, aimed at the search for sound suggestions that are not thunderous but delicate and that never yields to easy singing: she is a refined interpreter, through the great variety of touches and the perfect adherence to the stylistic nuances of the musical writing, the Pesaro pianist Daniela Ferrati.

La Divina Donna
Suddenly I find myself lost at sea near an unknown night. The cold darkness imprisons all my senses and forces me to believe that this extreme circumstance is a tragedy. With the arrival of light I find myself lying on a beach on an island that wasn’t mine. In that imprecise moment the encounter with “La Divina Donna” occurs. She brought with her the magic that transmutes man into a poem and a poet at the same time. The unmistakable chemistry between lightness and intensity. Then it is possible live love, otherwise living would be impossible.

Con il cuore di Aleli
An album of original compositions that represents a wonderful tribute to bel canto and the magical Italian melody.
Fasanini, a classically trained musician, manages to give life to a current work, especially at a time when the melody seems to have been lost along with texts often devoid of poetic images. Con il cuore di Aleli’s poetry takes up a romantic side of the history of Italian song and the voice of Valeria Visconti fully embraces it, illuminating it with his interpretation.

Tríptico Português
Portuguese Triptych, echoes the soul of the Portuguese people, the veil of an uncertain fate amidst the catch of a seaman who’s never astray and the humility of a yellow street where there is little bread, but it’s everyone’s.
A particular articulation in a Triptych which oscillates between the much, the little and the nothing, between the yours, the mine and the ours, between father, son and the spirit which manifests itself in the communion of an urgent poetic and an essential music.

Claudia Toscano y la orquesta Hijos ilegítimos de Astor
This album manages to transcend an aesthetic dimension. An album that assumes the delicate task of feeling the present and addresses who listens to it with its own name. Claudia Toscano, with the impeccable and moving interpretation of her, represents an almost perfect brushstroke of Buenos Aires. His voice is a subtle purple veil that expands in front of a perennial dawn, thus defining stylistic nuances that belong to a popular culture and, at the same time, to a magical existence.

Contemporary Tango Trilogy
Nomine 21st Award Latin GRAMMY BEST TANGO ALBUM

Three hours of music, 37 original compositions in “Contemporary Tango Trilogy”, a trilogy that sees the light after many years of work the argentine composer, Alejandro Fasanini.

Aproximación a otro Tango
On this record, genesis of tentación Tango, Fasanini takes music to a different but familiar dimension to Astor Piazzolla’s experience. It represents a novelty that is not a facade or disposable, but which is the synthesis of an entire Western musical culture (popular, jazz, twentieth century) and, more importantly, it is not lost in conceptual forms extraneous to the emotional sphere.

Reo que confiesa
This has been an important step for the new generation of Tango in Argentina, breaking traditional schemes while maintaining the essence and strength of traditional Tango. They are new sound horizons that brings Alejandro Fasanini author of the lyrics / music and professional dancer of Tango. Fasanini addresses the authentic feeling of Tango by providing austerity in his lyrics full of poetry. “Reo confessing” will remain timeless in the history of the Argentine new tango. Enric Urrutia – Transdisc Music



“Dear Maestro Fasanini, I am very impressed with your compositions. Your mastery of counterpoint language is admirable, with a Tango flavour. My warmest congratulations.” Lalo Schifrin
“Alejandro, my dear brother, in this music you opened your heart and I have recognized you.”Luis de Pablo
"If Piazzolla were still alive, his music would now probably be very similar to what we hear in this beautiful work by the “Hijos ilegitimos de Astor” Orchestra. A name that is not random and, in our opinion, more than appropriate to describe in three words their music" Italy - Magazine “El Tanguero” – Andrea Dedó
"Believe That Such Compositions Can Be Interpreted By Imagination, By Our Ability To Dream.The Formation’s Name Of The Bandoneonist And Composer Alejandro Fasanini Means “The Illegitimate Children Of Astor” … But I’m Tempted To Say, With Respect To Their Name, That They Are Both Legitimate And Illegitimate. France - Magazine “La Salida” – Bernardo Nudelman"
For Fasanini, every artistic creation is an expression of the soul; each of these expressions has its own secrets and is linked to everything around us. Alejandro Fasanini opens his soul, and his musicians help him to bring it into resonance with others through music, immersed in something "greater" that transcends us. That Fasanini has a deeply spiritual streak becomes clear in the conversation. For him, music is a tool for social change and conscience, he emphasizes that it must tell stories of our present time. Magazine “Tango Danza” Arndt Büssing - Germany
“Hijos ilegítimos de Astor” is an incredible orchestra composed by ten musicians, a contemporary sound with typical tango instruments. On the occasion of his second album “Intuición Tango”, we met the creator of the project, Argentine composer Alejandro Fasanini."
"Of course, there are many interesting ensembles and many great composers of contemporary tango, but to me Alejandro Fasanini is one of the outstanding and fascinating ones". EE.UU - Modern Tango World - Tango Reviews… and more – Arndt Büssing
Alejandro Fasanini – Argentinian musician and composer - displays great agility in combining moments of wonderful delicateness and brilliance of a single instrument with moments tinged by intense sonorities when the orchestra plays ensemble. He manages to skillfully handle different affective landscapes – where nostalgia always forms the background – so as to provoke deep emotional responses in the listener. Magazine Review, Monica Martin - Argentina
A record that evokes an embrace in the warmth and sensuality of tango: "Contemporary Tango Trilogy" by Alejandro Fasanini, recently released on the ArtPhonus label, was nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards. Elisabetta Liz Marsigli
Maestro Fasanini has succeeded in an enormous achievement.... bringing life and the whole palette of human emotional experience back into contemporary music. Everything is back where it belongs. The sound, the emotion, then also the concept: Ubi major, minor cessat.. By Gabriele Bertozzi
A complex and never banal writing, often with an improvisational flavor, aimed at the search for sound suggestions that are not thunderous but delicate and that never yields to easy singing. Magazine “Giornale della Musica”, Lucia Fava - Italy
Alejandro Fasanini reveres four artists. The Argentine composer honours Federico Fellini, Vincent van Gogh, Walt Whitman, and Luis de Pablo on Let it appear. Fasanini calls these four orchestral concertos "concerts of classical music of the early 21th century," and he expresses great rigour and skill, especially in dense contrapuntal polyphony. The lack of a captivating thematicism and a tonal centre that creates references makes it challenging to listen to and perform, but the fascination of the search for musical colour, which occurs not only through timbral choices but also through harmonic texture and the relentless variety of rhythms, mitigates the difficulty. Fasanini says a mixture of timbres, which creates an emotion, or a single melodic interval, which builds "a tower of intervals," can spark his creativity.
The album is very courageous both in terms of the themes it tackles and, above all, in terms of its compositional choices, which are rigorous and in line with sophisticated contemporary music research, but never pretentious and never far from the sensitivity of those who listen to it without prejudice. It's an album that touches the soul of everyone, cultured or not. In short, it's a small miracle and an example in a time of abundant insipid and self-referential publications. A physical CD that music lovers cannot miss on their shelves. Musiculturaonline Magazine - Vincenzo Pasquali
What do you wish you could try listening to your music? Every manifestation of life is sacred and has its own sensitivity; if my music can help consider this idea, it would be a joy for me already. Magazine Fatti Italiani - Giovanni Zambito.
..The music of Fasanini, who is also musical director and arranger, is here entrusted to a "dedicated" orchestra directed by Ivan Gambini, made up of Italian and brazilian musicians, who has fully exploited its qualities by creating a soft harmonic shell voice of Firpo, flourishing with lyrical veins and interpretative moods..." MusicaNews - Amedeo Furfaro
"Essa vida esse amor" by Daniella Firpo and Alejandro Fasanini is an uncommon album, with a delicate touch that moves feelings and thoughts, heart and brain with equal lightness. Highly recommended! Doppiojazz Web Magazine - Francesco Cataldo Verrina
From painting, colors, and shapes emerges the new album by Alejandro Fasanini, just released by Etnica Edizioni. The Argentine composer is no stranger to seeking extra-musical inspiration: in the past, it has come from great personalities in the worlds of cinema, music, and art, or those distinguished by their social commitment. Now, his music springs forth and materializes from pictorial suggestions. Lucia Fava
Fasanini has always had a special focus on the mystery of the unconscious, the human being... An immediate approach to life and art, from the sublimation of extreme sensitivity into sounds... Alejandro’s premise gives us an idea of an overwhelming personality and above all of the complexity of factors involved in generating his music. New Trends magazine – Federica Nardacci
All the complexity of Fasanini's acute writing comes to us as an act of naked naturalness, welcoming us into his fantastic world and inviting us to a dizzying journey of the spirit. And isn't this perhaps the supreme achievement of music? Franco Finocchiaro, Academia Nacional del Tango - Buenos Aires, Argentina
"The cost of the ticket is" a hug to a stranger ". "Yes, because art is love - says Alejandro Fasanini, to whom we owe the music and the direction of the concert...." Daniela Battistini
"The musical pieces are in fact unpublished, composed by the musician and poet Alejandro Fasanini ... A sound plot of intense emotions played on poetic delicacy and intensity rather than on the smug passion that generally characterizes the tango shows."
"Alejandro Fasanini, who can be defined as one of the most important tango musicians of our time. This is the Tango Orchestra of the new century. With a series of masterpieces, this album is the true evolution of Tango." Japan - Review Web

For the authors category of the seven notes festival of the city of Pesaro, "Un amore che non c'è", led to the victory of Alejandro Fasanini.
"Alejandro Fasanini, a composer born in Argentina, founded in Italy a chamber tango orchestra. With both the bandoneon and multiple string instruments, the recordings are of great acoustic quality. Sometimes passionate metamorphoses appear and vibrate intensely with a sharp tone and are written in unusual times. Soft and romantic is the female voice. It is a marvelous work that develops a style under the influence of Piazzolla. Review marquee.co.jp


Joining Fasanini’s experience of active listening was like diving into music for the very first time. Classical themes that has never been so material came to my ears as a vision. Audio and visual perspectives ended up like a unique mirror in my mind and in the feelings of many in the audience like we were taking part to a public stream of a cinema session: everything with no screen and shut eyes!
Through his mentorship and guidance famous music masterpieces of reknown fame became a movie just via perceptions… like a soundtrack director must feel while composing such beauty! Thanks Alejandro -

Eleonora from Labo / DTN&TPP / Torango publishing

A big heart, a great artist and much more!. M. Rosati

"A great composer, a great chance to meet music" Manuel Ferreira, actor
Hello tangueros, I recommend Alejandro Fasanini's music, he's very good, you'll like him a lot, he's a capo. Good luck and a tango hug. Pibe Avellaneda
Thanks, I think it's the right word, to Alejandro for giving us one more way to understand tango and all that it brings with it. Not just steps, but pauses, breaths and smiles…. all this makes me happy. Thank you, Giuliano Barberis
"Contemporary Tango Trilogy" is about a journey, a life path that, each in their own way, we can all do.The journey is that of a composer of Argentine origins, Alejandro Fasanini, a journey that begins in Buenos Aires, with its frenetic atmosphere but veiled in sadness and melancholy, and which ends, at least for the moment, in Europe, in that old continent permeated with elegance and stubbornness. A journey lasting almost twenty years, whose fundamental (musical and existential) stages can be found in this trilogy. It is a record that finds its roots in life and that asks for nothing more than to be lived. Lorenzo Sartini, Psychotherapist
"Thanks to all of you who participated in the first musicality seminar with Alejandro Fasanini with enthusiasm, interest, seriousness and many questions A very interesting moment of study! A pleasure for us that you have accepted this proposal in this way" Martina Simone and Mariella
"Alejandro Fasanini's music are emotional experiences of life, with it you discover new parts of yourself." Romina Andrea Sosa
"Alejandro has many things that characterize him, his passion for tango, for music and for everything he does. His professionalism and competence as a musician, as a teacher and as a tango dancer. But most importantly, his conduct of life, an example of how friendship with anyone should be respected..." Giorgio Tango Gaggiotti, Doctor, dancer and tango teacher
"Thanks to Alejandro Fasanini for his sympathy and above all for his professionalism and clarity in addressing a topic that is not always analyzed and communicated with the precision and detail it deserves." M. Lamari
"Over the past 20 years he has conceived and recorded with soul and dedication musica that encompasses research from the tradition of tango, the evolution of Piazzolla, up to the mixture with contemporary music. A composer, one of a kind with a strong artistic and emotional quality." Giacomo Dominici, Musico, Orchestra Filarmonica Gioachino Rossini
"The of Fasanini work collects an authentic path between tradition and contemporaneity. This composer is not a beginning but a point of arrival." Elisa Ridolfi, Singer, music therapist
"The work of Alejandro Fasanini contains inspiration in tradition and research in contemporaneity, an absolutely unique blend in style and language. There is no work similar to this trilogy due to its compositional originality." Riccardo Bertozzini, Musician, teacher.
"An opportunity to significantly improve our listening and interpretation skills in tango.." Cecilia Signorelli
"Attending an Alejandro seminar is truly extraordinary… you are immediately involved and find yourself “breathing” the tango in every nuance." Lorella Sadonio
"Many thanks Alejandro! How to do a great punctual and effective job." Valerio Dardanelli
"A huge thanks to Alejandro Fasanini who conducted the three hours of lessons with great skill and in an extremely fun way !! Grateful and grateful." Carlo and Patrizia
"Alejandro Fasanini, you are a great professional. Titti Vaccari
"Fasanini, that's unbelievable" Valerio Dardanelli
One of the most beautiful seminars you have attended. Silvana Ressia
"Fasanini, his essential and profound work, on the musical meaning in the danced embrace" Claudia Rossi
"For those who are not looking for miracles or astonishing surprises, but the result of a serious and constant commitment over time to grasp the true essence of tango which resides only in the intense, intimate and personal relationship between two plus one: YOU, me... and the music; in the most absolute simplicity and naturalness of the steps. This is the real complexity." A. Angelotti
.. Dieses Wochenende ... !!! Samstag dann auch Milonga mit Musik von Alejandro Fasanini... Im Workshop übrig. wird jede musikalische Aufschlüsselung der Musik tänzerisch umgesetzt... - ich kenne das Seminar und es ist unglaublich gut.. denn erst wer die Musik "hören" lernt kann sie vertanzen...
"Let's go all out with the Seminar, the previous one was great, very interesting, how many things we have learned and we also remember, that we have forgotten, to refresh our MEMORY and also the classes are extremely instructive, we have to attend with many desire to learn, Alejandro Fasanini from Abrazo Tango, explains that it is a pleasure to listen to them and then practice them. This message is directed not only to individuals, but also to professionals" Cristina Lidia Requejo Garcia