Hijos ileglítimos de Astor Orchestra

Organic orchestra

Bandoneón: Giampaolo Costantini, Gianni Iorio
Piano: Daniela Ferrati
Guitar: Riccardo Bertozzini
Violin: Francesco Bonacini
Viola: Aurelio Venanzi
Cello: Andrea Agostinelli
Double bass: Giacomo Dominici
Percussions: Ivan Gambini
Voice: Valeria Visconti



Composer and Conductor: M° Alejandro Fasanini

He studied at the “Juliàn Aguirre” Conservatory, at the Schools of Music “Musica Popular Avellaneda” and “Sebastian Piana”, all located in Buenos Aires.
He then specialized in Harmony and Composition with Maestros Rodolfo Alchoruon (former collaborator guitarist of Eduardo Rovira) e Juan C.Cirigliano (former collaborator pianist of Astor Piazzolla).
He studied in Spain, for three years, contemporary composition with Maestro Luis de Pablo.

He studied at the Academia Nacional de Tango with teachers R. Ostuni, H. Ferrer, J. Gabello, H.Negro and O. del Priore. Always in the Argentine capital, he attended the School for Lyricists “S.A.D.A.I.C.”.
In 1987, he began attending courses in literature held by professors Vicente Sito Lema, Maria Barrientos and Roberto Ciglioni.

In Italy he studied social psychology at “Escuela de prevención José Bleger – Psicoanálisis operativa, concepción operativa de grupo”. After finishing his studies he applied these techniques to his pedagogical and artistic activities.
He founded the ArtPhonus orchestra and “Hijos ilegítimos de Astor” orchestra

-Nomine 21st Award Latin GRAMMY BEST TANGO ALBUM Contemporary Tango Trilogy 2020
-Semi-Finalist Composer Competition Ravel Contest – 2017
-Winner Festival delle orchestre di Roma 2011
-Winner Festival della canzone Italiana di Pesaro 2007
-Mention of honour in the “Certamen Hugo del Carril” of the city of Buenos Aires 1999